Rate Your Landlord

Rate Your Landlord allows students to talk about their personal renting experiences and for others to learn from them, becoming savvy, safe, and happy renters. When looking into private accommodation, making a good choice of agent or landlord is important and can have a huge impact on your student experience. There can sometimes be a lot of worry when it comes to signing a contract with an agent or landlord, and students often seek recommendations of highly rated services.

Rate Your Landlord offers students the chance to research into their potential agent or landlord, before signing their tenancy agreement. Reviews are written by students who have personal experiences of services within the local area of Warwick, and can be found through the ‘Find a Review’ tab on the website, This helps students to make informed choices when moving forward in their accommodation journey. Rate Your Landlord can also be used when considering agents or landlords in the local areas, before students start their accommodation starts.

Using the ‘Landlord Rankings’ tab, highly rated agents and landlords can be found and their reviews accessed. Students can then utilise these reviews and look for properties managed specifically by those agents or landlords. To leave a review at the end of your tenancy, or to access other student reviews, please visit the Rate Your Landlord website.