Our Establısment story

Two old friends, who laid the abstract foundations of our community starting from high school, started giving coding seminars in October 2021. They started to create a platform to transfer learning and teaching (the thing they enjoyed doing the most) to community members. After reaching the predetermined target audience, they rolled up their sleeves and took concrete steps for the content, time, and place of the training in order to carry out their first activities.
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When You Become A Dart Society Member!

  • You get training to accelerate your adaptation to the digital world
  • You can join the workshops of people who specialize in the field

  • The Learn-Teach method allows you to participate in the sustainability movement of information within the community

  • You can see the backstage of the business and increase your network by taking part in extracurricular organizations

  • You will learn how to take in charge without being afraid
  • You collaborate with students and clubs at different universities
  • Once you have the necessary knowledge, you will be involved in the production bodies within the community

  • You have unlimited fun by joining the DART-NIGHT at specific times

And most importantly, you get friendships you can’t forget!

Vision - Mission


To ensure the integration of the digital world-appropriate education methods acquired within the Dart Society into the academic order.


DART Society adds a different dimension to the concept of education with the learn-teach method that is developed within itself. It achieves this by the fact that dynamic and enthusiastic members have the role of trainers and that the trainings given differ from the ordinary academic order and are oriented to the needs of the new world.


Deniz Alan



Seray Balta



Kenan Burak Öztürk

Director of Operations


Nil Evra Demir

Secretary General


Efe Serimer

Content Manager


Arda Öztürk



Supervisory Board

Emre Yüksel

Supervisory Board Member


Kaan Yüce

Supervisory Board Member