Dart creates its basic dynamics with the youth excitement, environmental awareness of its members, and the social awareness motive it has developed against the society they live in. The intellectual accumulation, which is a result of the knowledge transfer cycle that its members contribute both through the community and individually, contributes to Dart's sustainability by guiding the youth in social and environmental issues. The fact that the members exhibit the coordination between them while working together by the ethical values included in the community charter leads the members to evolve from individuality to unity.


The most basic motto that is adopted by the members of Dart is that education cannot be limited to material and moral opportunities. The fact that members can easily access the training that is given via a computer and internet connection is an indicator of the sensitivity towards training. Thanks to our non-profit courses created based on “educational equality”, our members both transfer their equipment to other members and increase their savings.


The most important of the current advantages that the digital world brings to organizations results from the need for coding languages and data management. We created the content of the courses we provide as Dart, using the popular coding languages and data management kits, DartApp, SWO (smart work optimization), and an automatic mail system, which we developed to ensure coordination among members. The fact that the infrastructure of many activities taking place in the group is arranged by technological integration contributes to both digital sustainability and optimization of business management.