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Corporate Visits

As Dart Society, we contacted many different brands and organized company tours, giving our members the opportunity to get to know different sectors, listen to the experiences of experts in their fields and see the background of the companies.

During the 2022 – 2023 period, we met with 3 big brands.


In these trips, which we organized with limited quotas, our members had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the directorates and directors of the companies. During the individual interviews with the human resources department, our members learned the basic points of the interviews, gained detailed information about the recruitment process, and evaluated future internship and job opportunities.

During these visits to the headquarters, our members observed the offices and the working environment in the company of managers.



We listened to Mango Turkey’s steps towards becoming the second most selling Mango store worldwide, how they achieved this success and the reactions they have received so far. We discovered the little tips of this big retail sector.

At the end of our trip, they made us play a game related to what we had listened to that day and the winners received Mango gifts. Those of our participants who were interested handed over their CVs to the relevant people with their own hands. At the exit, all participants received a Mango bag and t-shirt as a gift.

During our visit to the Mango Headquarters on Istiklal Street, we had the opportunity to meet the Turkish General Manager, various regional offices and store managers.

This trip was open to all university students under the leadership of the Dart Society and the number of participants was quite high.




FLO, where we were at the General Directorate all day, hosted us in a very nice way, not leaving breakfast and dinner in the morning. We would like to thank this family for all their interest and hospitality.

With a quota of 8 people, we started this visit with a visit to the Model Shop. Our participants witnessed all the processes of a shoe starting as an idea and continuing as design, sewing and sales respectively.

This factory / model house tour lasted about 2 hours and continued with presentations by different department directors and managers. In these presentations, which took place in a conversational atmosphere, all our participants had the chance to ask any questions they had in mind without hesitation and their questions were answered by experts in their fields.



In our meeting with the IT director, they provided us with all the details about the digital area of the company, and our participants who are interested in this field listened to this presentation with interest and cleared their question marks in their minds.




We had the opportunity to get to know different departments and learn about the sector at E-Bebek Headquarters, which was our first company visit and which we visited as a team of about 10 people.

We talked about the recruitment process with the Human Resources director. We discussed the qualities that candidates will stand out with and the qualities sought in new employees. We learned about E-Bebek’s internship programs.


Computational Social sciences and entrepreneurship summit

Computational Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship Summit, the biggest event of the Dart Society at the start of its 2nd year, took place on December 17th at Koç University Sevgi Gönül Cultural Center.

Sponsored by Social Comquant with funding from the European Union, 2 large shuttles were provided from the center of Istanbul to Koç University. The event was completely free of charge and guests were offered a variety of food, drinks, refreshments and were hosted at Koç University Dining Hall.

Approximately 100 people attended this summit and very valuable speakers were with us.






Our summit started with Koç University – Associate Professor Erdem Yörük’s presentation on Computational Social Sciences and continued with presentations and speeches by Kriko – Founder Uğur Eskici and BiLira – Community Manager Melih Yağcı. These presentations on entrepreneurship and economy attracted the attention of the participants and we completed the first half of our summit in a very productive way.




After the lunch break, the 2nd session continued with Turkcell – Master Expert of Growth Manager Gürkan Şaman, Google – Head of Marketing Platform Ece Öztürk Doğan and our last speaker ING BANK – Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering Yücel Doğan.

We met with the concept of “Growth” in numbered companies and listened to incredible presentations especially in the field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

In these sessions, which were half presentation and half conversation, a very friendly atmosphere was created between our participants and our speakers, and our guests ended their speeches without leaving any question marks in the minds of our listeners.

On the way back, 2 big shuttles departed from Koç University to the center of Istanbul and our participants left our summit without any difficulty.

As the organization team, we added a new one to our ‘The Dart Nights’ series right afterwards 🙂

The Dart Night!

Dart Society has always been founded on learning through having fun. Without ever deviating from this purpose, Dart organizes The Dart Night after every meeting, training, trip and event to strengthen the bonds of friendship and increase communication with each other.

In these nights, where everyone can talk about very different topics, where everyone can talk freely, we all have a drink with or without alcohol and talk throughout the night and thus get to know each other better.




Meet, Learn and Have Fun!